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When fired in the nagant revolver, the crimp expands into the forcing cone, completing the gasseal and ostensibly increasing muzzle velocity. Folks over on the nagant board have been experimenting over the years and it seems as though the. Its never good practice to shoot a cartridge in a gun for which it. The swaged lead cores are tumbled in an electrically charged bath containing highgrade copper ingots. Ammo conserving, therapeutic revolver post by ffuries sun may 10, 2020 12. Documentation blog faq about advertising friendspartners tour ammoseek contact us. Factory ammunition while not rare, is usually not common place either. Lee precision the innovative leader in reloading equipment. Aug 04, 2011 for your amusement, here is my attempt at making cartridges that work in a model 1895 nagant revolver. Dont contact me asking what the lowest i will take is. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. The copper clings to the lead and the longer the bullets remain in the bath, the thicker the plating.

The bullet has an exceptional ballistic coefficient. No reason to crutch on milsurp, here are seven top mosinnagant ammo options for hunting and target work. The projectile is seated below the mouth of the cartridge, with the cartridge crimp sitting just above the bullet. I often think obout getting one of these revolvers, but the ammo cost and availability is a big factor in me putting it off. There is surplus ammo as well as new manufacture, but both can still be a bit spendy. This in the age of the high cap polymer wunderguns. Wiki says theyre up to 1200 or so fps, so they may be higher pressure. The bullets are plated to the correct size and then taken out of the bath. Reloading factory ammo for the nagant revolver the. I would hate to be in a position where i had to depend on one of them to save my life, i would rather have a raven. Oct 27, 2014 for anyone that doesnt know what a nagant revolver is, its a 7shot, 7. More information on this revolver can be found here.

Reloading factory ammo for the nagant revolver the high. Firing up your cases lifespan reloading philip massaro. He has a nagant revolver and i think hes reloading for it as well. Handgun rifle rimfire shotgun bullets brass primers powder misc reloading guns magazines search.

I hear of people doing such dangerous things as shooting. Internet commandos told me that the nagant revolver could shoot the. I have no leading problems with any but i lube the bp ammo with a bp pan lube. Techniques are available for lefthanded reloading, reloading while wounded in the dominant arm, and keeping the gun in your strong hand while reloading. Ive seen some discussion both here and on other forums about reloading factory like ammo for the russian m1895 nagant revolver in 7.

Speed strips are used by placing the rounds into the chamber two at a time and bending the strip back to release them. Oct 19, 2011 the nagant revolver is a very poor choice for anything except a novelty, fun shoot, or a wall hanger, or as an example of eastern eurpoean history. Target grade accuracy out of one of these is another matter. This is for a lot of 14 boxes 140 rds of russian military surplus 7. Although it is corrosive, it is more accurate and packs more of a charge than the fiocci or other newer commercial. After spending a couple hours last night watching the nagant mans youtube videos about reloading the 3220 case, trimming the rim, reforming the case i got to thinkingcould you take once fired 7. Nagant ammo from hotshott or privi partisan is reloadable, i bought about 10 boxes but have not shot them all up so have not started reloading. I highly recommend this bullet for the nagant and other. For anyone that doesnt know what a nagant revolver is, its a 7shot, 7. The nagant revolver is still a viable defensive pistol. Apr, 2011 ive a double action nagant revolver and im using 7. There is no fouling in the forcing cone nor the barrel. Space limitations prevent a full discussion of them. The nagant m1895 revolver is a sevenshot, gasseal revolver designed and produced by belgian industrialist leon nagant for the russian empire the nagant m1895 was chambered for a proprietary cartridge, 7.

Less expensive reloading for the nagant revolver cmp forums. It seats well into the case and allows a good crimp to be applied. I was think of getting my feet wet with pistol or straight wall rifle, if i did i dont think id load anything that is still easy to obtain. I think i am closing in on my definitive loads for my m95 nagant revolver. Lee precision, the nations number one manufacturer of reloading equipment for. This ammo was just what i needed for my nagant revolver. But with the right combination accuracy can be stellar, i mean fantastic. M1895 nagant revolver cheap reloads northwest firearms. Belt sandergrindersmall cut off saw for rough cutting cases down a damn solid reloading bench. The accuracy is very good and the bullets strike at the point of aim.

Starline advertises the sale of new cases in 100, 500 and 1,000 piece quantitie. Included in this data are heavy bullets loads with weights as high as 150 grs in the. Comments will be on approval on this one because i dont want to have to come. I chose these exclusive bullets to reload for the m95 nagant revolver and really it was a no brainer. Remember that the actual mil loading for the nagant is 1100 fps, not the paintballlike velocity of the fiocchiprvihotshot commercial ammo. Just got back from the local national forest range, testing my latest loads. Ive been cutting down and reloading my nagant brass. Oct 31, 2014 a more concealable but slowertouse option for carrying extra ammunition for a revolver is the speed strip, such as tuff products quick strips, a piece of rubber that holds five or more rounds linearly. Once and for all, the model 1895 nagant revolver will shoot any of the following ammo safely and without blowing a ton of anything out of the gap between the cylinder and barrel. This is about how to make some fun read cheap plinking reloads. It is great fun and not hard to clean with the gas seal action.

Most people who reload for this cartridge use 3220 cartridges reformed and sized. All in all this russian surplus will discharge when that long firing pin hits it and you can always ask did i fire six or seven shots, well did i punk. This is so easy and this set works great with nagant ammo, 3. Reloading studio is an elegant reloading data management software for tracking, planning, managing and cataloguing your entire reloading workflow, components and firearms. This batch is dated 1988 from a can i just opened and shoots beautifully. I just plink with mine and use the lee 311 100 cast bullet for my tok pistol, m1 carbine, and nagant.

This one has a full metal jacket that works well with. All in all this russian surplus will discharge when that long firing pin hits it and you can always ask did i. What i have presented is the best and most proven method for reloading a revolver. The price is listed, if you want to negotiate show up with cash in hand. Ammo conserving, therapeutic revolver russianmosinnagant. Reloading tray for 250 sav, 260 rem, 280 rem, 308 win, 3006. I use old hotshot and privi cases for the nagant and load with black powder. Reloading the nagant pistol cartridge gunboards dot com. Hello, i am looking for advice on what type of ammunition would be appropriate to fire in a m1895 nagant revolver.

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