Kenton pro solo sh 101 patch

Capturing the original the now legendary sh101 was a monophonic synthesizer launched by roland in 1982. Roland sh101 with novamod on ebay this one is ludicrously overpriced i paid about half what this person is asking for mine and it included a kenton pro solo mark ii cvmidi converter. If youre a synth pro, the sh201 will remind you of why you fell in love with synthesizers in the first place. Played live red roland sh101 roland juno 106 oberheim matrix triggered by roland fantom x6 show less. Synths with digital patch storage have the ability for users to page through various sounds settings very quickly since each one is saved to. Kenton stormrage acorns 120 human outlaw rogue, 367 ilvl. So its great to see that kenton have relaunched the pro solo in a new, smart livery, with enhanced aux and lfo capabilities and an improved user interface. The simple design of the sh101 made patch creation immediate, with. A must for vintage and modular synth fans, the kenton pro solo mk3 enables your midi keyboard or.

When the pro solo is switched on, the words kenton pro solo scroll across the display. Kenton announce pro solo mk3 midicv converter sound on sound. Amazing new sounds are now added through this feature. Synths using this system include roland sh101, sequential circuits pro 1, arp. Editing is easy with its led display and nonvolatile setup memory. Sh101 with kenton retrofit kit being controlled using midi youtube. Fast delivery, and 247365 realperson service with a smile.

Kenton usb midi host mkii usb to midi converter for class compliant usb midi devices patchman music is the authorized usa dealer for the wonderful kenton midi usb host mkii. Red sh101 noise lead patch gray sh101 bass line roland juno106 lead synth oberheim matrix is triggered by the roland fantom x6. Synth 80s featuring roland sh 101 and juno 106 youtube. There are also 3 red dots which you may see appear. You may need to buy 14 to 18 mono patch cables from radio shack or. In contrast to the many complex synthesizers available at the time, the sh101 quickly became popular for its characteristic tone and simple onevco onevcf onevca onelfo structure.

Use it with a cv converter such as the prosolo mkii or. Since adding this kenton along with a glab midi splitter all my problems have disappeared. Monophonic synthesizer released in 1981 and supposed to be placed on the market for small cheap synths available to the general public. The jupiter8 can be controlled using various kenton products in the following ways. When the pro solo is switched on, the words kenton pro solo scroll. Any one filter will limit the selections available for the other filters. Thats why, when i saw an ad on af showcasing this small wonder for not too much money, i didnt hesitate too long. The 1st digit shows which parameter is ready for editing. Kenton pro solo mkii i also believe i have a copied manual and patch. Explains the settings needed to sync an sh101 arpeggiator using the kenton. From the factory or following the above reset procedure, programs 1 to 26 are all loaded with the default setup for use with a roland sh101. Midi cv interface page 2 vintage synth explorer forums. The converter should be configured to send and receive midi on channel 3, for example. Logic masterclock to kenton pro 2000, pro solo mk2 fx.

If i was doing it again id be sorely tempted to mod the 101 to make the filter cutoff externally controllable as well. Its sound lies somewhere between the tb303 and a juno bass sound. If you are looking for a way to connect your akai ewi usb or roland ae10 ae10g aerophone to your midi synths. Ive looked at the kenton pro solo mkii and the kenton pro 2000 mkii.

The encore expressionist does portamento, two types even, but not legato, which is so musical to me. Find 12 listings related to kenton iron products in kenton on. Yeah, i sometimes think of getting a single kenton prosolo for my roland sh2 for just this functionality when doing basslines. And, of course, the advantages of going usb would be even greater in a multi. Previously, using just a passive midi merge i was getting what appeared to be midi loopback issues and failed communications. It sounds great too, thanks to such features as rolands famous supersaw waveform, feedback oscillator, d beam, and more. Designed to control all types of monosynth superfast response time famous kenton build quality rugged steel case high specification 16 bit da converters for rocksteady pitches runs from standard 9 volt power supply, 2. Its in 1993 that manu kenton starts his dj career on radio galaxie. I just got a roland sh 101 and kenton pro solo mkii.

When the prosolo is switched on, the words kenton prosolo scroll. On vintagesynth, there are a few examples of how to get your synths lined up. Midi control of sh101 using kenton pro solo mk2 youtube. Sync the arpeggiator of sh101 using kenton pro solo mk2. The roland sh01a sound module is an analog synthesizer module, and the latest. Prosolo firmware history replaced by mkii version march 2005. Sync the arpeggiator of sh101 using kenton pro solo mk2 youtube. He used to play house music, but since 2 years his style has changed, now. Bass roland sh 101 grey w kenton pro solo sequencer roland mc909 roland mks50, d550, and sh 101 sequenced. Free shipping both ways on kenton from our vast selection of styles. In fact, the only complaints about the usb solo are likely to come from those who bought a pro solo ii and wish theyd waited for its silver brother.

Firmware update for prosolo mk2 kenton electronics. The sequential pro one is a wicked little monosynth. In 1994, he starts as resident dj every sunday at the wellknown club lagoa at menen in belgium, thanks to dj hs. Tr808 fans can even switch the thru socket for sync 24. I can make the leap if the product is worth the extra cash, but i wanted to see what other people were using, first. Used a kenton pro 2 for many years with my 101 notes via cv and clocked it using the kenton s clock out. In addition to cv and gate, the odyssey needs a trigger pulse to control the envelopes.

Kenton from the uk owned by john price is for mostly 20 years now the leading manufacturer of midicvinterfaces, that modernized uncounted classical units from the synthesizer world already. I needed to be able to do patch changes on both the fa and es while being able to use the fa as a master controller for the es. This recording contains eight compositions apiece by bill russo and bill holman for the stan kenton orchestra of 195354. High specification single synth midi to cv converter.

We received this kenton pro2000 in as a partexchange deal its priced to sell quickly. I know sequencing alone wont produce the accents but a box like the kenton pro solo has the ability to convert pitch, mod and portamento data to control voltages, so it would seem like it might be possible for a midi file to control the portamentopitch to impart a 303 ish slide. Bass roland sh101 grey w kenton pro solo sequencer roland mc909 roland mks50, d550, and sh101 sequenced. Roland sh101 whats the best way to control it with. Here the midi data is converted to cv and gate voltages which are sent into and out of the roland sh101 allowing you to play the sh101 directly from the jx305. I used a kenton pro solo ii and an elektron analog fourneither are included in the sale of the odyssey and it worked out great. Quite a few different soloists have their spots including trumpeters sam noto and buddy childers, altoists davey schildkraut. It comes from the same period and genre as the roland sh101 and moog prodigy. Some patch bays and mergers also filter out midi clock. Hi ollie, yes the article that krinor posted will give you the specifics, but basically its cvout and gateout on the sending synth to the cvin and gatein on the receiving synth. Played live red roland sh 101 roland juno 106 oberheim matrix triggered by roland fantom x6 show less.

Sh101 with kenton retrofit kit being controlled using midi. Midi distributor lossless transmission of midi data of any kind to multiple recipients, 1 x midi input, 5 x midi outputs, contained power supply included, dc in 9v, robust aluminum housing, dimensions. What cables do i need to connect the kenton to the 101s cv inputs. Can also be used as a sync 24 and arpeggio clock converter. This patch uses three ajh synth minimod vcos all with the saw outputs going into the x, y and z input. The kenton pro solo mkii with the cords to connect to the prodigy are included as well with the prodigy making it midi ready upon arrival. Kenton prosolo midicv converter operation manual keytek ctsg midi synth module operation manual gibson. Use one or more of the criteria to help you find the gear you are looking for and then click apply. Shows an sh101 being controlled via midi after having a kenton midi. The prosolo is designed to control one monosynth and features a single cvgate output, fully programmable auxiliary cv output and 1 lfo. Synths using this system include roland sh101, sequential circuits pro 1.

I have an old yamaha cs15 that works with hzvolts like most yamahakorg synths of the glorious premidi time and most midi cv converters on the market werent really up to the task. The original pro solo was designed around three buttons select, dec and inc plus singlecharacter and dualcharacter sevensegment displays. What cables do i need to connect the kenton to the 101 s cv inputs. Controlling an sh101 with midi using a kenton prosolo mk2. His products are the most reliable tools of their discipline usually nowadays mostly in the form of standalone tools for different jobs.

The display there are 3 digits on the 7segment display. Firmware update for prosolo mk1 kenton electronics. Keep in mind that some of the cheaper midicv converters are not ideal for the odyssey. The pro one was basically sequentials attempt at taking their legendary prophet 5 polysynth and packing it into a compact, inexpensive, monophonic analog synth. Kenton electronics makes several excellent miditocvgate converters, such as the pro solo.

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